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There are many reasons why people need to re-roof their homes. Hail and rain can damage roof shingles.

Cement fibre roof tiles have a life of 50 years and ceramic tiles 100years due to exposure of the weather elements they become brittle and begin to fail and Crack.

A good Roofing contractor is needed for your project or if DIY you will need a good understanding of roofing to avoid introducing leaks to your projects

Roofing Contractor

A successful roofing project starts with a good roofing contractor. When hiring a contractor, take one that comes recommended by people you know. If you live in Vaud Switzerland we can recommend ProToit. Getting more than one quote allows you to compare and find out who can give you the best deal.

Good contractors will give you a breakdown of the costs. Check all of the costs and estimates. We provide a guide below.

The easiest way to find a good roofing contractor is to search for contractors locally. Local contractors also have an easier time fixing any warranty problems.

Here is a guide of what the quote should include from the roofing contractor and options you might expect to take up in addition to the minimum minimum work needed to install the 3Suns solar tiles.

Roofing Contractor Minimum

  • erection of perimeter scaffolding
  • Removal of roof tiles
  • Removal of battens (most battens will be water damaged due to condensation in cold climate areas
  • Disposal of roof tiles and old Barton's
  • Installation of new batons
  • Installation of new roof tiles


  • removal of sub roof tiles (cold climate areas)
  • Removal of sub roof batons
  • Removal of insulation
  • Disposal of tile, wood and insulation
  • Installation of new insulation
  • Installation of new sub roof.
  • removal of gutters
  • DispOsal of gutters
  • Installation of new gutters

Solar installation

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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Solar Roofing

1. Aesthetics

This may be your best reason for choosing solar shingles. Tiles complement the style and architecture of your home without disrupting your roof line with bulky panels. Photovoltaic tiles are shaped and sized to work with all major types of roof tiles. Unlike traditional roof-mounted panels, they are sometimes permitted even on historical buildings and within strict homeowner associations. Don't expect total invisibility, though. Colors range from dark blues and purples to more muted tones.

2. Cost

Installing solar roof tiles is more involved and usually more expensive than its panel equivalent. Panels sit on top of a frame system on your roof, but solar tiles must be incorporated directly into your roof. Unless you really know what you're doing with both roofing and electricity, solar roofing is not a DIY project. Check around for free estimates from fully licensed solar contractors to price tiles for your house. Also, state, local, and federal rebates apply to roof tiles as well as panels, which can make a significant dent in the total cost.

3. Lifespan

Your new solar shingles will have a life expectancy of 20-30 years, which is comparable to both your regular shingles and to traditional solar panels. Many solar roof tiles are designed so that individual tiles can be easily replaced as necessary. In addition, they will work to protect your insulation and roofing materials from the elements while generating electricity. Look for an installer who uses solar roof tiles made by a major manufacturer to secure the best warranties.

4. Efficiency

Solar roof tiles are made with thin film solar cells, which are slightly less efficient than the silicon-based modules used in panels. However, because they can be installed on areas unsuitable for solar panels or over an entire roof, they can easily generate enough energy to power a house. Efficiency has more to do with roof orientation, exposure, and shading, so be sure to get your house evaluated for solar before proceeding with your solar roof.

Want to build? – No problem.

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