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3Suns Products

  • 3Suns Solar Slate Roof Tile
  • 3Suns Solar SlateMatching tiles that can be cut for roof edge lines
  • Lightening Protection
  • MC4 Connectors
  • Solar Edge DC Cable
  • Copper Flashing Components.
  • 3Suns Tool Set
  • Stainless Steel mounting hooks
  • Inverter
  • Power Optimiser
  • Stor Edge Interface
  • Tesla Power Wall
  • Watt Meter

3Suns Solar Slate are a fully integrated roof tile ready to stand up to heavy snow high wind, torrential rain, and golf ball sized hail. 3Sun Solar Slate tiles are maintenance free and come with a25-year warranty. Designed in Switzerland you can be sure your building is protected and powered by one of the most advanced roofs in the world.

No extra planning: 3Suns solar slates sit flush withstandard roofing slates, to provide the same style of finish.

The 3Suns Solar Slates are easy to install and install in the exact same way a normal slate or cement roof tile is installed.

No specialist installation skills are required. The 3Suns Solar Slate is  designed to be installed by roofers, diy home owners and solar installers as part of a roof renovation or a new roof build, the 3Suns Solar Slate installs in the sometime a normal roof install and comes with simple click and fit MC4 connectors.

  • High Power Output
  • High Reliability
  • Swiss Quality

The 3Suns Solar Slate Roof Tile is designed for high-efficiency and high power output. Each 3Suns Solar Slate Roof Tile has a built in safety bi pass diode. This provides an unprecedented level of solar system safety, a bi pass diode per 3 solar cells. Traditional Solar Panels have 3 bypass diodes for a 60 solar cell solar panel which means a single bypass pass diode per 20 cells on a normal solar panel. Compare this to a bypass diode per 3 tile/per 3 solar cells with the 3Suns Solar Slate Roof tile results in the highest levels of  built in solar safety!

How fast do solar panels degrade/lose their efficiency?

The rated power output of solar panels typically degrades at about 0.5%/year. for mono- and polycrystalline solar cells. The 3Suns Solar Slate roof tile is made with Mono Crystalline Solar Cell.

The rated power output of solar panels typically degrades at about 0.5%/year  for  mono- and polycrystalline solar panels:

The 3Suns Solar Slate Roof Tile uses MonoCrystalline Silicon (mono-si) solar cells.
Solar cell type
Output loss in percent per year

Data is taken from Photovoltaic Degradation Rates — An Analytical Review NREL.[1]

The 3Suns Solar Slate Roof Tile  based on a power production loss of 0.36% per annum will still be producing power for 276 years. The toughened double glass structure of the tile has an estimated life of expectancy 300yrs+.

This compares well to the life expectancy of cement fibre roof tile which is between 25 and 50 year

The 3Suns Solar Slate Roof Tile is made from two layers of toughened glass laminated together.

The top layer of glass is ultra clear solar glass. 
We have the following design feature incorporated into the top layer of toughened glass in the 3Suns Solar Slate Roof Tile

  • Solar Float Glass with Extra low iron anti reflective coating on the top surface
  • prysmatic triangulated glass structure on the underside

These features combine to maximise the photon energy reaching the solar cells by allowing maximum transmission of sunlight through the top layer of glass.
An anti-reflective coating has been added to the top layer of glass

It improves the light transmittance of the glass by reducing the amount of reflection on the surface.
This improvement has led to a module power output increase.

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The idea for 3Suns commenced  in December 2013 after a mid century modernist architectural home came up for sale in Switzerland. It was built in 1967 with Eternit cement fibre roof tiles and was in need of a new solar roof...

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