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If you are installing a new roof or replacing an old roof take a look at 3Suns integrated Solar Roof Tiles.

With integrated PV solar cells into an architectural roof tile at a price point similar to a quality traditional roof tile means you get either the roof tile or the pv solar part of the solar system for free.

Plus your electrical energy is produced for free once the 3Suns solar roof tiles are connected into the Solar Edge inverter and house electrical system.

3 Suns Solar Slate Roof tiles - Free Energy.

Pricing Example

To install the 3suns solar roof tile you will be either replacing existing roof tiles with the 3Suns solar slate roof tile or installing as part of a new constuction.

We provide an examples below to outline the costs you can expect with installing the 3Suns Solar Slate roof tiles compared to installing a new ceramic roof tile with traditional  Solar panels

Example 1 - Renovation of 50m2 Pitched Roof with 3Suns Solar slate roof tile vs a standard roof tile  with solar panels

Materials for 3suns roof

3Suns Solar slate  50m2  15tiles per m2 total 750 tiles for 6kw solar system size install.         US$29.95. Per tile US$22500

Material name Unit price Total price
Stainless steel mounting hookes X 750 US$0.50 US$375
Solar edge inverter 6kw   US$1450
Power optimizer X 15 US$90 US$1350
Solar cabling. 100m US$1.25/m US$125
Mc4 connectors 20. US$4 US$80
Total   US$25,880


  • Tesla Power wall 7kw
  • Stor edg interface
  • Watt node

Material name Unit price Total price
 Ceramic roof tiles 50m2  US$265  US$13,250
 solar Panel 250 watts per panel (module)  US$250  US$6000
 Stainless steel hookes X 750  US$0.50  US$0 not required
 Solar edge inverter 6kw    US$1450
 Power optimized X 24  US$90  US$2310
 Solar cabling.          100m  US1.25/m  US$125
 Mc4 connectors  30  US$4  US$120
 Total    US$23,245


A key benefit with the 3Suns solar tiles is the aesthetic of an integrated pV solar system into the roof tiles that the 3Sun solar slate provides whilst maximising the surface area available for PV power generation. With traditional solar panels the aesthetic is low and the solar panels can only reach close to 100% roof coverage of the roof is square. For pitched roofs that consist of triangular faces the 3Suns solar slate provides close to 100% solar pV coverage.

For a detailed quote please make contact and we can finalize a firm quote for any or all of the system components as well as arrange an installation quote if required.

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The idea for 3Suns commenced  in December 2013 after a mid century modernist architectural home came up for sale in Switzerland. It was built in 1967 with Eternit cement fibre roof tiles and was in need of a new solar roof...

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